Stocks Today: 01.07.2021 – stock market update

Jan. 7, 2021

Good evening everyone! Welcome to a new episode of “Stocks Today”, explaining what forces moved the stocks in the U.S. equity market today (Thursday, January 7, 2021).

What a day for the stock market! The three main indexes all reached a new all-time high today, with the S&P 500 closing up 1.48%, the Dow Jones up 0.69% and the Nasdaq up 2.56%.

Why did the stock market move today?

After Democrats won both of the two Georgia seats in the Senate, investors have been in buying mode today expecting additional stimulus and spending by the new government lead by President-elect Joe Biden.

Furthermore, things seem to have calmed down from yesterday, when riots in Washington scared the nation and the stock market.

Stock of the day

With institutional investors rising their price target, following the company’s better-than-expected streaming-hours metrics for the fourth quarter, investors in Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) saw their stocks jump more than 10% today.

At $379.29 a share, the stock price just reached a new all-time high.

That’s all for this Thursday’s stock market update. Stay tuned to receive your daily update!