Stocks Today: 01.11.2021 – stock market update

Jan. 11, 2021

Good evening everyone! Welcome to a new episode of “Stocks Today”, explaining what forces moved the stocks in the U.S. equity market today (Monday, January 11, 2021).

It wasn’t the best day for the stock market today. The S&P 500 closed down 0.66%, the Dow Jones down 0.29% and the Nasdaq down 1.25%.

Why did the stock market move today?

Companies from the tech sector underperformed the market leading the S&P 500 and especially the Nasdaq in negative ground today. Fears of new regulation for the sector arose after Twitter and Facebook suspended President Trump’s profile following the riots seen last week in Washington.

Apple and Google removed Parler from their respective app stores stating that Parler did not do enough to address the violences shared on the platform. Also Amazon reacted to what happened recently, saying it would no longer host Parler on its Amazon Web Services.

Stock of the day

As a result of such growing fears, investors in Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) saw their stocks fall 6.39% today.

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